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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Unprotected: How universities can be hazardous to student health

I have interviewed the anonymous author of the new book Unprotected and briefly reviewed the book. Released tomorrow, the book provides a very sobering look at unrestained sexuality on campuses and how campus health services are often accomplices in the risky behavior (not at GCC of course :).

Sounds like an interesting book.

From the brief description in your review, I have questions which I probably can't answer without reading the book.

For example, I don't understand her decision to publish anonymously. With her training as a psychiatrist she surely has the skills necessary to gather and present evidence to support her theory; anonymity limits her ability to take a leading role in the conversations she hopes to start.

And, in the case of Heather, mentioned in your review, what is controversial about a therapist encouraging a young woman to develop healthy relationship boundaries related to casual sex? Who are the therapists or where are the therapeutic standards which refuse to acknowledge credible evidence?

Not that I'm looking for answers here... thanks for piquing my curiosity Warren, and I hope to take a closer look at the book for answers.
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