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Thursday, September 28, 2006


Angry Professor

Wow, I wonder if this is a hoax. Not that I would want to, but we could not do this at GCC :)

Not the I would want to...

Well then, you're a bigger man than me. :-)
Well, I cannot cast stones; I have had my cell phone go off during class.
"I have had my cell phone go off during class"

Yes but did you take the call?
Only once. During a film from my wife. Ok, crack my phone.
I find it troubling that people have become so rude about taking cell calls. If there is something very important, then having the phone on, in vibrate mode, may be necessary. But then also sit toward the back of the room so if the phone rings, you can exit before speaking.

I have taken phones from kids in confirmation classes. I didn't smash them, but they didn't get it back until after the class.
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