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Friday, July 14, 2006


Location trivia: Where am I?

Where am I?

You're hiding up in the second tree on the left side?
It ain't Porchmuth.

I'm guessing Utah. Somewhere near the Arizona border.

You're not checking out the polygamist "slipery slopers", are you?
Anon: Zion, Illinois?

Boo: Nope I am not in the picture.

Jim: I think you are the closest. And in the correct time zone, I believe...
"Where am I?"

Now, yah see what happens when you start messing around with defining your own labels in therapy?

You rapidly find you've lost any sense of where or what you are.

I think Anon means Zion UT. Colour not right though. Zion's more stripey. And lumpy.

Haven't a clue (but would pick AZ, UT, NM area too). The vibrant red colour looks very much like central Australia though. Trees look nothing alike.
well, it isn't AU. But you're getting warmer.
Times up - well actually grantdale got the right state in an email - it is Colorado Springs - Garden of the Gods. The landscape if full of this. Very cool.
Yay, we win. Never underestimate the power of a wild(ish) guess.

And just to show we're not kidding about the colours... more big rocks.

Sorry the colours are a bit washed out. Someone, who shall remain unidentified, used a poorly calibrated screen when he photoshopped everything.
I immediately recognized it as Garden of the Gods. Nice shot. Were you visiting Focus on the Familly by any chance?
I immediately recognized it as Garden Of The Gods. I have walked it. Nice shot. Were you visiting Focus on the Family by any chance?
Yes, I visited Bill Maier and gave a Q & A on the sexual identity therapy guidelines (which were well received by the way).
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