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Thursday, June 29, 2006


Richard Cohen keeps on hugging

I didn't see it, but I hear Richard Cohen demonstrated holding techniques with George Foreman last night (June 28) on Jimmie Kimmel Live. If anyone watched, how was it?

Cohen jumped at the opportunity to pick up the tennis racquet proffered by Kimmel and demonstrate the bioenergetics technique. One slam of his chair cushion raised a small cloud of dust, and Kimmel seemed happy to grab that diversion.

George Foreman (Kimmnel's first guest) had scooted mid-way down the sofa. Cohen sat on his right, ostensibly to demonstrate the hug technique and open to the possibility that Foreman might stretch out. Cohen put his left arm over Foreman's shoulder, Foreman leaned back slightly before moving away, and jokes followed about how it must have worked because Foreman insisted he was straight.
I watched the video. I think I have already said all I can think to say.
traumatic memories stored in the muscles?

where did Cohen get his degree?
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