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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


End of the semester blues

Since moving from full-time counselor to full-time prof, I have come to understand what full-time profs do with all of their full time. Papers being the number one filler of the time. I have discovered that I do not like paper work anymore as a professor than I did when I disliked it as a counselor. That's all.

Give oral exams. Then you don't have to grade papers, and students get to work on their public speaking. :)

I'm grading a set of papers now, as well as working on one of my own to present on Thursday (same day the grades are due), plus finishing up reading. Oh, and I have to work all day, which makes the evenings fun.

(I.e. I want to respond to your last response, since it ties in with some of the philosophy of science/language I've been interested in, but I'm too freakin' busy!)
I have 106 students. I don't think they want to stay here until July :) I know I don't. What are you teaching?
I am grading (not really teaching this semester) Major Questions, an intro to philosophy course. About 70 students in all.
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