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Sunday, March 26, 2006


Invisible Children Documentary

I interrupt the normally scheduled blog to bring you this important public service announcement. Everybody reading this, please go to www.invisiblechildren.com. I saw the documentary this morning in church and I was blown away. The documentary is a call to action for the West to help the children of Sudan and Uganda. I think we will be doing the Global Night Commute later in April. Pass the word (maybe it is all over blogosphere already, I don't know, but here is my little part).

Urgh, haven't had a chance to see the DVD --- where all the prior donations have been directed -- but didn't like some of the wording around the Lord's Resistance Army either...

What exactly are these Invisible Child people "doing" -- according to what you heard?

Their website is awfully sketchy.

(sorry to drag personal reasons in, but this whole she-bang has caused horrors for a family we know... Unfort. for them their wider family is on both sides of Uganda and Sudan. We'd like to pass on if these people could be any use, and not just promoting some "cause" -- if you know what I mean... Most of the aid agencies have fled, fearing for their lives. It's a very unsafe area.)
Oh never mind. What are we thinking!!!

We'll email them ourself :)
Please post whatever you learn. We are looking into more as well. My understanding is that the aim is to stir involvement of the administration to make Africa a priority and increase humanitarian aim and accountability. Also, the donations apparently go directly to Ugandans on the ground there. World Vision and Compassion Intl has a presence there as well. If you pass this on and hear anything from the family you know, let me know.
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