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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Older brothers of gay men: All feared and hostile?

In St Louis, Dr. Nicolosi said during the session titled, "The Condition of Male Homosexuality" that he has never seen an exception to the following family dynamic: if a gay man has an older brother, the older brother is always hostile and feared by the younger gay brother. He quoted Freud as having theorized this and Nicolosi said he has never seen an exception. Well, I have seen exceptions but I would like to take an informal poll on this question. Friends and foes and inbetweeners, is this accurate? A trend? Or just another overgeneralization from a few cases?

Nicolosi overgeneralizing?! Say it ain't so!

And yes, my priest is an exception to his rule.
Since you also asked over there, here's a link to ExGayWatch for other readers to see some responses on this subject.

Sorry people, Warren's question is in the middle of a thread on another subject. You'll have to wade through.
Although my older brother was very hostile growing up, it was him who feared me. I was some kinda whipper snapper.
Well there's Jacob and Esau in the Bible. Jacob seems to be the Bible's example of a man who had to struggle for his gender identity.
I had two older brothers. The oldest was openly hostile and hateful to me from the time I was in my crib.
The other brother vacilated back and forth from friend to enemy.
They made my home life as a child hellish.
I grew up to have a gay orientation.

My oldest brother was openly hostile and hateful throughout my infancy and youth.
My other brother vacillated between friend and enemy at the drop of a hat.
They made my childhood hellish.
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