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Thursday, December 08, 2005


The Real Saint Nick

Read about the Real Saint Nick...

A belated but happy feast day of St. Nicholas to you!Your note about St. Nicholas mentions his story is from legend. A clarification, legends are not myths, they are the names given to the stories of saints and martyrs lives, handed down by the faithful, often times in spite of severe persecution. Bishop St. Nicholas too was persecuted & it's relevant to your discussion of his role in purity. Modesty and purity are persecuted in today's society. St. Nicholas is a powerful saint, claimed by many to their their particular patron. His intercession for those desiring the virtues of purity and modesty in their lives will not go unnoticed by this holy saint. Thank you for sharing a brief look into his history. Pax Domine, Cathleen.
Happy Feast Day to you as well.
No no no, the real Santa Claus is a demon who comes down the chimney bringing death destruction and chaos, don't you follow your BtVS?
Not sure what BtVS is but I have been told that if you rearrange the letters in Santa, you can get Satan. Scary, huh?
Warren -- ummmm, you do realise that St Nick is also the patron saint of prostitutes?

Sorry, perhaps too RC for you; but he is. In real life he was also rather a religious bigot. Apparently, as reported, like most things dated around that time :)

Scroll down to where it says Act 1
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