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Saturday, July 30, 2005


More on Reorientation Therapy and Love in Action on CNN Sunday night

Provided nothing breaks in London or Aruba, I will be on CNN Sunday night at 10:15pm opposite the president of the Human Rights Campaign. We apparently are to talk about LIA, Zach Stark and reorientation therapy. My understanding is that Zach Stark has completed the program and is doing well.

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Dr Throckmorton I would like to email you privately. Please send me your email. I no longer write to PFOX.

Dr. T, I have 4 questions I've posted about lesbianism that I think the public discussion needs to address.

I'm not arrogant enough to "challenge" you to answer them tonight on CNN, but I would like to see you and others begin to address them at some point...


I'm having a friend who has cable tape the CNN piece--good luck on having a fair, rhetoric-free debate! I hope you are able to advance the discussion!
Guess that my link didn't paste well. Here it is, split up.




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